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Monday, October 17, 2022 

Recent Latina superheroine creations appear to be produced for leftist agendas

NPR did a report on Latina superheroines and other such characters whose creation is clouded by politicization, even as there are some themes involved that are perfectly valid:
In the multiverse of superheroes, some comic book and graphic novel creators are using Latina characters to challenge real-life issues.

New Yorker Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez created La Borinqueña, a Puerto Rican superhero who crusades for issues affecting the Caribbean island-- including climate change, economic displacement, renewable energy and Black Lives Matter.
This is what threw me - the author is siding with a destructive movement that's acted in the name of criminals, and even the talk of climate change is laughable. This pretty much signals this comic is more of a badly constructed political commentary than a seriously informed statement of any sort. Further indication of its purpose is seen in the following:
La Borinqueña is now a part of the collection by the Smithsonian and has been featured at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York and art exhibitions around the world. Actresses Dawson and Zoe Saldana have voiced La Borinqueña for public service announcements urging Latinos to register to vote.
And is this more election propaganda, sponsored by Hollywood residents? What makes this troubling is that, based on the prior citation of BLM, this is bound to be a leftist-influenced comic, apparently employed more for such propaganda than to really produce something with longer lasting value. If the idea is to persuade Latinos to vote for Democrats, they're doing this at a time when many Latino citizens are turning more to supporting Republicans. And the comic's makers seem to ignore that BLM hurt businesses owned by Latinos in the past 2 years with all those offensive riots. Here's another comic cited:
Kayden Phoenix is a third-generation Chicana from L.A.'s Boyle Heights neighborhood. Her team of comic book superheroes, called A La Brava, are social justice crusaders who tackle femicide, teen suicide, gun control in schools, child trafficking and domestic violence.

"I had to make superheroes that actually have grounded superpowers," she says.

Phoenix says she wants to go beyond the usual superhero stories. "How many times you can save Metropolis or Gotham or Central Park or the world? If the team wants to save the world or the planet, you think of the Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy," she says. "But who's going to save a real girl?"
Here, except for the now unpleasant description of "social justice", there are valid issues presented, including this topic, but then, the following description of a character in the comic comes up that dampens everything:
"Santa," from the Texas-Mexico border, has divine strength. "She's my brawler and she has deja vu," says Phoenix. Santa faces off against a corrupt politician called "Ice." "He's symbolic of ICE and all the detention centers and everything that comes with that."
Oh, good grief. This sounds like yet more open borders propaganda, which can enable many of the same offenders who committed the crimes focused upon in A La Brava to enter the USA. Just what is the exact point of these comics if they're going to take such an absurd left-wing approach to their subject matter? Even the talk of going beyond "usual stories" is awkward, because in the Golden Age, there were times when more down-to-earth issues were brought up, as an allusion to what concerns took place in that era, even as more sci-fi oriented themes could be spotlighted. And back then, while there were obviously liberal-leaning writers at work, the difference is that in the 1940s, nobody then was doing it out of a tunnelvisioned obsession with attacking conservatives/Republicans. Besides, until the turn of the century, there were plenty of "grounded" issues in focus in mainstream comics, just as there was science fantasy-themed subjects. So to say they're going past the "usual" superhero tales is not novel.

It's too bad we have here, once again, a case of politicized comics made for the sake of leftist ideology, which undermines the impact of the more valid issues mentioned. But, it's hardly a surprise NPR could fluff-coat the whole subject.

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