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Thursday, January 26, 2023 

The chances Polygon would allow an article like this about a girl are highly unlikely

Polygon's main comics columnist is gushing over news about Nightwing in a way that's unlikely to be seen with a lady character:
DC Comics is promising a new day with Dawn of DC, the company’s 2023 publishing initiative, set to deliver new updates for heroes and easy jumping on points for readers around the DC Universe. But the company’s latest announcement is sure to please long-time fans as well: Nicola Scott will draw the new Titans series.

Which means she gets to draw Nightwing’s butt again.

It’s unofficial but extremely winked-at lore in DC Comics that Dick Grayson, née Robin, now Nightwing, grew up to have one of the tightest butts in the superhero community, as commented on by heroes, villains, and his girlfriends alike. And while it’s the kind of memetic thing that’s difficult to trace back to any single source, Scott’s rendering of a reverse shot of the character in Secret Six #9 (2009) is considered to have had an outsize effect. Scott has historically embraced the blame/honor.
It makes little difference whether this is a woman writing this article; this is as embarrassing absurd as I'm sure some others must think. Admittedly, it's hardly new. Even in past decades, there were a few other instances of women talking about men's butts (I vaguely recall a scene like that in Mike Grell's Green Arrow run, and Diamondback with such thoughts in Capt. America), but rarely did you see such talk from men about women's butts. That's the results of PC for you, obviously, and it doesn't help a bit. Nor does one of artist Scott's teamings with another writer:
DC had previously announced a new Titans series (and it was teased as recently as last week’s issue of Nightwing), starring a lineup familiar to fans of the classic 1980 comic series and the Teen Titans animated series alike. But the creative team behind it was officially under wraps until today. Scott will team up with Nightwing writer Tom Taylor (Superman: Son of Kal-El, Suicide Squad), with the Titans Tower rebuilt in Dick Grayson’s home stomping grounds of Blüdhaven (think of it as the Newark, NJ, to Gotham’s New York, NY).
With an ideologue like Taylor writing this latest edition, it goes without saying this is nothing to look forward to. It'll only be another confirmation DC should've folded long ago. No matter who the cast members are, chances are high Taylor will really humiliate them, and Scott won't be opposed. The columnist's one of Polygon's biggest apologists for LGBT propaganda, so no surprise she'd be fine with where Taylor went with Son of Kal-El, one of the worst paths to soil DC's famous franchises.

One of the commenters summed up what I've been thinking:
I don't think I've ever complained about double standards here, but there is no way in hell Polygon would ever allow an article or title like this about a female character.
No, I don't think so either. And another said:
Yeah, I can't see
"But the company’s latest announcement is sure to please long-time fans as well: Scott Nicola will draw the new Titans series. Which means he gets to draw Raven's boobs again."
making it past the Editor-in-Chief's desk.
Neither can I. Such websites have long turned to wokeism (and the wording was surely intended to be gratuitously provocative), and even before that, such inconsistency on whether it's in good taste to talk so candidly about rectums was already common. No doubt, even decades before, PC led to menfolk being too cowardly to say in entertainment products if they thought a girl's butt was sexy, and only the other way around was allowed. As a result, this Polygon puff piece is just another example of where PC's brought us.

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