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Wednesday, February 15, 2023 

Gizmodo laments superficially about fanservice in film adaptations

The dreadful Gizmodo's talking about comic movies again, claiming fanservice has become the worst part of the franchises, but curiously, no lamentations about how a certain ideologue and felon of an actor is tarnishing one such movie:
It’s a thought that sprang to mind while watching the first real trailer for The Flash that dropped during the Super Bowl. Seeing Michael Keaton come back as Batman feels like it should have weight beyond having one of the most well-liked cinematic Batmen get back into the suit for a movie that won’t be canceled at the last minute. The Flash was conceived years before 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, and is based on the popular Flashpoint 2011 comic event by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that DC’s movie is trying to ride the wave that the live-action Spidey crossover flick turned into a billion-dollar success. The multiverse movie push is something that was begun by Spider-Man and it’s clear that it won’t be going away anytime soon, so WB getting in on that even if only one movie feels done partially out of obligation.

Having DCEU alums Ben Affleck and Michael Shannon on hand only further highlights how weird it is that The Flash movie exists. We’ve known for years that Affleck is done with playing Batman, and Shannon’s General Zod is memorable, but was also treated very weirdly by the DCEU proper. The Flash is trying to deliver fan service of some kind, but it’s hard to say what exactly that is. The fractured nature of the last decade of DC movies work against it here: it’s got Zod, but not the Superman whose inclusion would’ve gotten previously spurned fans excited, nor the Wonder Woman who stood as one of the franchise’s bright spots. It’s adapting the most famous story in modern Flash comics that’s already been done twice—once in animation and again in the CW’s take on The Flash—but is openly a stepping stone to a more unified DC universe whose lead actor may not even be back the next time Barry Allen graces the silver screen. Unlike the more focused Spider-Man: No Way Home or Avengers Endgame, it doesn’t know what fans it wants to court, it just knows that it wants to court them.
This is one of the weirdest, most superficial, to say nothing of decidedly ignorant commentaries I've seen their writers make, when you consider Ezra Miller, the man playing the Scarlet Speedster in this "blockbuster" has a serious criminal record, for which he's regrettably seeing no consequence. Based on this, even if I did try to watch more of the past decade's comic movies than I have, I'd never waste money on Miller's movie, which just so happens to be based on one of the most overrated DC crossovers of the early 2010s, and one that led to a supposed "reboot" of continuity that didn't last, and left nothing appealing in its wake.

It sounds like the writer's not enthusiastic, but was probably bound by his editors to avoid serious negativity, even though it's inevitable, based on the situation, that anybody could feel discouraged by this needless tale.

One must wonder though, if they believe fanservice is the worst part of these blockbusters, they mean sex appeal is bad. Well, they certainly could, yet it's ironic, considering how dumbed down most major movies are these days in that sense.

Since the subject of the Flash movie's been brought up, Sportskeeda's also sugarcoated the news about the movie:
The Flash is one of the most popular characters in the DC Comics universe, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the upcoming Flash movie. The film draws inspiration from the iconic "Flashpoint" storyline, a crossover event in DC Comics that altered the course of the DC Universe.

The storyline was a significant event for comic book fans, introducing new versions of popular characters and exploring alternate timelines and universes.

Given the importance of the Flashpoint storyline to the character and the DC Universe, the upcoming Flash movie is expected to incorporate many of its elements, with some reports suggesting that it will be a loose adaptation of the comic book storyline.

The implications of this adaptation for the character and the wider DC Universe are yet to be seen, but the upcoming Flash movie is sure to be a must-see for fans of the character and comic book movies.
Umm, what if it's as woke as much of the other comic movies of recent? Besides, with Miller front and center of the film, somebody's bound to find it insufferable in light of his crimes. Judging from the underwhelming box office receipts for several previous DC films, it's hard to say whether these movies really have much of an audience at all. I'm certainly not part of it.

On the other hand, a writer at Giant Freakin' Robot believes a boycott of the Flash movie is prefereable, but the writer dampens the impact when he starts using "plural" terminology in reference to Miller:
I am not only a lifelong comic book fan, but my writing career depends largely on keeping current with all things nerd. Regardless, I will not be seeing The Flash in the theater, or in any other format that will add even the smallest fraction to the film‘s earnings, and neither should you.

[...] This isn’t Roseanne Barr being accused of making a racist joke on social media. This isn’t Joss Whedon being a jerk to his cast and crew.

This is someone accused of being a sexual predator of children, potentially for the better part of a decade. This is someone who is alleged to have used their money and influence to hurt children, hurt women, start a cult in Iceland, and — cherry on top — amass more guns than a Central City rogue and reportedly store them with all the care of The Stand‘s Trashcan Man.

[...] If the allegations against Ezra Miller are true, then the money you spend on The Flash will help them continue to do what they’ve already been accused of doing. It will potentially buy them more plane tickets to different states and countries to groom children all over the globe, it could help pay more lawyer’s fees, more guns and ammo, and allegedly more weed to blow into the faces of infants.

And really, the movie is just Flashpoint. We’ve known that for years. If you’ve read the comics or seen the 2013 animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, there are no surprises waiting for you in The Flash that will amount to more than an unexpected cameo.
Much as I want to congratulate this guy for awareness of Miller's horrific offenses, his perpetuation of the modern PC narrative of referring to transsexual/non-binary cultists with terminology that doesn't even acknowledge an offender's biological sex ruins everything. Does he realize he's only continuing to reward Miller's bad behavior by calling him something he doesn't deserve to be called by? Now, I've grown disillusioned with podcaster Joe Rogan recently, after he defended anti-Jewish statements by Ilhan Omar, but if there was a valid issue in itself he once brought up, it's why we're turning transsexuals into a protected class. And when the GFR writer continues to refer to Miller with words like "them" he's only giving Miller the satisfaction he's delighted to receive, that somebody actually respects his atrocious "punk" lifestyle, when he's done nothing to deserve such descriptions, regardless of whether his lifestyle is healthy or not.

There was a time decades before when, to refer to a dangerous criminal as a mere entity would've been viewed as deserved punishment. But the problem here is that many of the LGBT ideologues actually want this kind of reception and terminology, and to keep doing it only does something they want being done. If a man claiming to be a woman uses racist slurs, do we actually refer to him with a female pronoun if that's exactly what he wants? Sadly, these PC advocates don't see it that way, in all their regrettable cowardice, continuing as they do to refer to movie actors like Miller that way, and they're likely to do it long after he's washed up in Hollywood. And so long as they keep this up, they're belittling actual women by extension. Which didn't occur to them either, right?

Hopefully, this Flash movie will tank in sales, but speaking as a Flash fan myself, it's certainly shameful a classic creation's been subject to this kind of damage, both moral and artistic. This is exactly why I've long reevaluated whether it was a good idea for comics to be turned into so many live action blockbusters. One of the reasons I avoid these movie adaptations today is out of respect for the source material. And that's an idea everybody who appreciates the original comics up till the turn of the century should consider.

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