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Monday, June 26, 2023 

No seven dwarves in a live-action remake of Snow White?

John Nolte at Breitbart's continuing to discuss Disney's moral hypocrisy that now sees a live-action remake of Snow White without the Seven Dwarves:
Next year, Disney will release a live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Only it will be called Snow White. Why? Because there will be no dwarves. Why? Because as soon as the live-action Snow White remake was announced, a dwarf named Peter Dinklage started whining. The result? Disney axed the dwarves, and seven little people or midgets or whatever the Woke Reich has ordered us to call them this year are now out of a job.

Methinks Dinklage played the identity politics card to ensure he continued capturing that market. If you’re casting a dwarf, you cast Dinklage. That’s a pretty sweet monopoly he’s got going, and what better way to hold on to that monopoly than to stop other people of his size from entering the spotlight?
Say...is this the project Gal Gadot was said to be playing the Evil Queen in? Wow, now doesn't that strongly suggest she's not particularly troubled by political correctness herself. And to think we wondered why she starred without issue in Wonder Woman 1984, rife as that screenplay was with woke man-hatred. One can only wonder what PC insanity will infect this adaptation of a Disney cartoon classic as well as WW84, in addition to Dinklage's greedy monopoly that's costing other little folks a role in the new live action film?

I also noticed Gadot's the star of Heart of Stone, a spy thriller written by Greg Rucka, and seriously? I don't find it amusing a far-left writer who went on to wokeness as time went by is credited to this production. Though I did notice, much to my surprise, that as relayed by Movieweb, Gadot's against gender-swapping male roles:
Gal Gadot has already played some tough female characters on screen, and in Heart of Stone she is adding another action heroine to her roster of impressive roles. Her role of intelligence operative Rachel Stone is one that is already being compared to being “the female James Bond”, but while there may be similarities between the two, Gadot is not on board with the Hollywood trend of taking a male role and gender-swapping it. For that reason, she wanted to make sure that Rachel Stone was a character built on “her own DNA.”

Speaking with Total Film ahead of the action movie’s release, Gadot addressed the way Hollywood is constantly taking male movie characters and gender-swapping them without thinking about how the characters should be different beyond just their gender. She said of Heart of Stone:

“I wanted to show a great story about a female character who is doing it in the action genre. Right? She is thriving. But at the same time, how many times have they just switched gender? They take a story that all about the men and they just change it to a woman, and then go shoot it? To me, it was so important in the DNA to make Heart of Stone a little different, because men and women are different. They’re built differently, they operate differently.”

Having spent many years as Wonder Woman, it is not surprising that the actress feels passionate about bringing strong female characters to life on screen in their own right. With so many movies taking what is seen by many as the lazy option of piggybacking the success of a male-led franchise but replacing the lead or leads as females, Gadot’s perspective is one that Hollywood should try to listen to.
Sure, it's amazing she's taken a critical perspective of an approach that's become farcical, based on how it's not merit-built. But her willingness to star in at least a few projects already that're laced with PC ingredients conflicts with this whole argument, and the citation of "strong" doesn't actually emphasize "written with talent". Whether a lady in a fiction story's got superhuman strength or magic abilities won't make much difference if there's no merit-based writing to guarantee it'll be worth watching or reading. And since this is a Netflix-broadcast production, that, along with Rucka's scriptwriting credits, only makes this a discouraging affair.

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