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Thursday, May 09, 2024 

What's included in the FCBD offerings

IGN wrote a puff piece listing of several items published for FCBD, and predictably, they sugarcoated items that're either a continuation of poor directions, or that are written by some of the wokest writers in the industry. For example:
DC is about to kick off Absolute Power, a major crossover event that involves Amanda Waller teaming with Batman's rogue android Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen to drain the world's heroes of their power. This prologue issue serves as a primer for the event, with a new story from Mark Waid and Mikel Janin and some bonus material that recaps the various stories that lead into Absolute Power.
There may have once been a time years before where news sources like these actually did lament how crossovers brought about ruin to comicdom, but ever since, things have changed drastically, and now, you don't see them uttering a whisper of complaint anymore. And turning Waller into a criminal, and/or an enemy of superheroes? Sorry, but this is pathetic. And then, IGN cites 2 Marvel "events", for Avengers and X-Men:
Marvel is continuing its approach of offering two stories in one with its various FCBD specials. This issue serves as a lead-in to both the vampire-themed Blood Hunt crossover and Marvel's upcoming X-Men: From the Ashes relaunch. Writer Jed MacKay and artist Sara Pichelli handle the Blood Hunt prologue, while X-fans will get a taste of what to expect from Gail Simone and David Marquez's Uncanny X-Men via a new Jubilee story.
As noted earlier, Blood Hunt is a most offensively written story that does a horrible disfavor to the MCU by its employment of graphic violence. And if the Avengers crossover could do that, who knows what the X-Men crossover will be like? Suffice it to say I'm not encouraged to see a writer as far-left as Simone working on these books. Even Ann Nocenti would've been more interesting a choice, yet we're still long past the time when Marvel collapsed artistically. And the gushing gets worse:
Big things are brewing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise this summer. Writer Jason Aaron is relaunching the main TMNT comic with a superstar lineup of artists. This special not only includes a preview of that relaunch, but also two brand-new stories, one of which introduces a new vigilante named Nightwatcher. But who is this new hero, and how are they inspired by the Turtles?
What a surprise, they won't make even the most slightly negative comment about Aaron and his social justice methods. In any case, TMNT already fell victim to such pandering 5 years ago (and in cartoons just recently), so hiring Aaron for the job here is only perpetuating a sad problem that began before he came aboard. And then, they highlight James Tynion's projects sans objectivity:
Writer James Tynion IV is arguably the biggest name in comics when it comes to horror series, and many of Tynion's best works can be found at BOOM! Studios. This issue is designed as a gateway into Tynion's horror projects, collecting previously released stories from books like Something Is Killing the Children and The Woods. Fans can also expect previews of some of Tynion's upcoming horror projects.
And one must wonder why we're supposed to care about the long cliched genre that's far too much in discussion by these press sources. Even if the above aren't marketed to children, what if any take home freebies containing Tynion's stuff, along with the most ghastly samples from Marvel/DC, not to mention TMNT as written by Aaron? That won't be good news. One more item IGN listed is:
Marvel's second two-for-one special centers around the new Ultimate Universe line and The Amazing Spider-Man. First, this issue teases Deniz Camp and Juan Frigeri's Ultimates series by introducing a new hero to this evolving universe. Second, the Spider-Man story acts as a prologue to The Amazing Spider-Man #50, setting up the return of the Green Goblin.
There may have once been a time one would've found it exciting that a notable villain like the Goblin would be the adversary of the month. But no longer, with the way things are going woke at Marvel, and Mary Jane Watson still being kicked to the curb. Some will surely and legitimately say nothing's fun if MJ can't be part of the proceedings as Spidey's wife and a regular cast member. And they'd be right. That the Ultimate universe is being spotlighted is nothing to look forward to either, and if Marvel's trying to soften criticism by making MJ a prominent part of the Ultimate line, forget it.

I'm sure there's some freebies that were published for FCBD worth the while, but what IGN highlighted demonstrates exactly what's wrong.

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