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Wednesday, January 07, 2009 

Will DC kill Lois Lane?

Linda Park West, wife of the Flash, may have been spared that fate a few weeks ago. Whether or not Lois will meet it, however, it's good to be on the alert. In this article published in the Nashua Telegraph that talks about the Man of Steel's history and upcoming storylines, they tell that:
In the enormous summer crossover "Final Crisis," his wife, Lois Lane, lies at death's door, Pa Kent has died (again) and Darkseid of Apokolips has conquered the globe.
Is that going to be why Superman leaves Earth for space soon? As for Jonathan Kent's death, while that was done surprisingly less offensively than some of the other deaths of recent, I think it came much too late to have a real impact; all those tasteless deaths make it hard to appreciate.
Super-writer Geoff Johns told Newsarama.com that he's taking the Man of Steel to "an emotional crossroads."
If Superman leaves Earth because he can't cope with Lois' death, which won't be welcome with me, that'll be making him seem like a defeatist. In fact, DC made an almost similar mistake with Green Lantern back in 1967 after Hal Jordan left Coast City for a while because he couldn't bear living there after losing his chance to win the hand in marriage of Carol Ferris, which ended up costing the series a lot of readership.
Super-editor Matt Idelson says "the Super-mythos will be shaken to its core again and again" in the next year.

And there will be new members of the extended Super-family with the familiar names Nightwing, Flamebird and Superwoman.
Too many shakes can spoil the broth, methinks. This is another clue to how DC is regressing backwards, and may even be willing to take the codenames away from Dick Grayson and Bette Kane.
But change has always been a constant for a character who has remained a vital American icon for 70 years. For Superman, and for us, it's just another exciting chapter in the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.
I'm sad to say, but it's not very exciting anymore. Not when there's a serious editorial mandate lurking around the corner.

And again on Lois: if she is killed, it shouldn't be accepted any more than Marvel's destruction of Mary Jane Watson-Parker, and a similar boycott of the Superman titles would be recommended too.

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