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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 

Notes on Teen Titans and Oracle

In the recent Teen Titans issues, the following took place:
In TT #67 a new lineup for the Teen Titans is revealed (Wonder Girl, Aquagirl, Bombshell, Kid Eternity, Red Devil, Static, Miss Martian and Blue Beetle) and odious Dark Side Club survivor The Face is murdered by the Titans Tower security system after falling out with the team. In Teen Titans Annual #1 the new team are attacked by their headquarters as we learn that Cyborg is being controlled by an outside force.
Oh dear. I don't think the Titans have ever resorted to using security devices with deadly force before. That's just one more demerit for this volume.

Now, there is some almost good news: seems that DC has decided to address the case of the now unconscious Wendy, who was beaten to that point by the demonic version of Wonder Dog:
To help him learn more about the team new Titan Kid Eternity summons up the spirit of Marvin, the Teen Titan support member, who was murdered back in Teen Titans #62. Marvin’s ghost takes a look in at his critically injured sister Wendy, whose story is currently being played out in the Oracle: The Cure limited series.
Granted, that they're now willing to address this case is good, but it doesn't excuse the bad plot used to get to this point in the first place. And as bad as the writing's been in Teen Titans, Wendy's situation should still be addressed in that book and not in the Oracle miniseries, where the Calculator is told to be hers and Marv's father! Frankly, it sounds pretty contrived to me, mainly because I'd assume that the Titans would've known that when they first hired the two twins as caretakers for the Titans Tower.

There's been questions asked if Barbara Gordon will be cured of her paralysis and become Batgirl again, but after pondering this info, I'm beginning to wonder if Wendy, if she's cured of her coma, will become Babs' former role, at Cassandra Cain's expense. Frankly, I don't like it if that's what they have in mind, because it'll just signal another cheap stunt at the expense of characterization, especially considering that Marv and Wendy never got much to begin with.

As for Marv, I don't know if he'll be resurrected, but if not, then bringing him back as a ghost is just all the more insulting, just like bringing back Elongated Man and Sue Dibny only as spirits. And it just makes his demise at the jaws of the demon Wonder Dog all the more distasteful.

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