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Monday, February 13, 2017 

Here's Marz's latest blunders

For this month, Marz had more absurdities to offer up. We'll start with this one, where he concurs with a disgraceful item Publishers Weekly wrote against Simon & Shuster doing a book deal with Milo Yiannapoulous:

Nobody? I guess even Marz doesn't want one. Again, he's jealous that somebody else is getting all the book deals and opportunities he's not. But hey, what does he expect when he lacks talent?

It's worth noting that yet again, Marz is indirectly insulting his colleague Chuck Dixon. Umm, Marz, you do know that Dixon's done a few podcast interviews with Yiannapoulous, some of which laid bare what went wrong with the comics medium, including the terrible hack jobs DC did with Spoiler, right? How long will it be before Marz openly advocates the Wertham method of censorship, and turns against Dixon for real? After all, if he doesn't believe Yiannapoulous has a right to a book deal, then he must not think Dixon does either. Above all, he fails to recognize that Simon & Shuster is not his property, and if they want to do a book deal with Yiannapolous, that's their business, and Marz doesn't have to buy from them if he doesn't want to.

And, Marz couldn't be more bitter at the success of right-wing counterparts.

Yes, keep going and acting as though all immigrants are saints, please. All you're doing, Marz, is a terrible disfavor to the victims of those who adhere to evil. Then, in reply to a tweet about Jack Kirby, he said:

Yes, please do, which means that you should save your condemnations for jihadists and not American conservatives. On the votes for approving Betsy DeVos as education secretary, he says:

Expecting a leftist like Marz to have any consideration along the same lines is clearly a forlorn hope. Nor does he seem particularly dismayed by how a teachers' union tried to stop DeVos from entering a school.

All this coming from a man who buys into fake news. Like, say, what caused the Ferguson riots, which wasn't what he wanted to believe. So as we see, Marz buys into fake news, and as a result, what's his point? He's still obviously bitter as can be that the world doesn't go according to his idea of how it should turn, and is simply unqualified for commentating.

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Somehow all these Libtards in the Entertainment Industry got it into their heads that their job is to educate the masses.
I wish someone would remind them that they are nothing more than dancing monkeys who's sole purpose is to entertain us, and that every time they open their mouths in an attempt to tell people how to think and live, they only succeed in failing to fulfill their purpose.

It's more than a little bizarre that you try (again) to re-frame Marz's jabs at Yiannopoulos as attacks against Dixon. It's worse even than your repeated, juvenile assertions that "he's just jealous."

Surely, as obsessed as you seem with Marz's every tweet, you've assembled a large enough dossier of statements he's actually made, and positions he's actually taken, that there's no need to manufacture disputes and slights, or assign motivations to suit your own purposes.

"After all, if he doesn't believe Yiannapoulous has a right to a book deal, then he must not think Dixon does either."

NO one -- liberal, conservative or otherwise -- has a "right" to a book deal.

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