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Tuesday, July 31, 2012 

Rob Liefeld is leaving DC

I almost missed this news, that comicdom's worst artist intends to leave DC next year. Good, because the whole industry would do well to avoid hacks like him. And sales are a clear sign why he's leaving:
As all three titles [he was writing/drawing] were enjoying solid sales of less than 20,000, Liefeld felt that it would soon be time to move back to creator-owned comics.
Which will doubtlessly get just as little an audience too. But why do they say "solid"? Those are hardly big numbers at all.

While it's good to see that such an awful artist is taking his wretched art and writing alike elsewhere, it'd definitely be good news if Dan DiDio were to finally make a departure from them for good, since he's the really repellant name who's driven away much of the audience from DC's products. One day, he will go, and though the road to repairs will still be long, his departure will be worth a sigh of relief.

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Hear hear

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Thank God! Although this will harldly put an end to DC's self-inflicted problems, this is pretty good news. Liefeld is a hack.

One down, few more to go.

I'll gladly streak all over my town if Didio gets ousted

I'm still scratching my head as to how this hack ever became popular in the first place!

Well, this "hack" pulled sales of Deathstroke from 16,000 back UP to 20,000 sales. I know you'd love to make up crap to justify your own ignorance but the fact remains that these books were in the shitter which is why I was asked to come on board and improve sales.

At ease, Mr. Liefeld.

If anything, you're part of a "What's wrong with this picture?" scenario that is DC's current state.

LOL ... if that's really Liefeld, yeah, you're such a genius. The only genius you demonstrate is marketing yourself as some superb comics artist and/or writer. I'll give you that much. Don't know how you did it because, frankly, people like Neal Adams, John Buscema, Kurt Busiek, Steve Englehart and many more each have more talent in their NOSE HAIR than you in your totality.

How did Hawk and Dove work out for you, "Rob"?

Incidentally, Comics Beat debunked your numbers. There was a jump from 18,834 to 20,878 (a little over 10%) in Deathstroke in May. As I'm sure the real Rob knows, this is not uncommon when a well-promoted new creative team takes over.

Sadly, though, Deathstroke was then down to 19,722 (-5.5%) in June and then 17,107 in July (-13.3%).

All of these, of course, are less than half what the book was selling when first released.

We know the real Rob isn't very good with pesky things like backgrounds, anatomy, and the like. Looks like psuedo-Rob isn't very good at math.

Yeah, I highly doubt it's the real Rob Lifeld who was talking there. Probably some spambot/apologist who came here looking to pick a fight with someone who disagrees with him. As I said in my post about Liefeld recently, I don't see why he even CARES what people think of him. When people say bad stuff about me, I just ignore it, plain and simple.

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