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Saturday, August 25, 2012 

Superman editor Matt Idelson channels Joe Quesada

A few months before the announcement of the newest take on a Superman/Wonder Woman romance, the Superman Homepage published one of their Q&As with the Superman editors, this one from March/April, still appearing on their site when I found it (via DC Women Kicking Ass), and Matt Idelson answered the following question by one reader who sadly seems negative to the Lois and Clark pairing with something he'd want to hear:
After reading the latest interview with Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens, whose plans honestly gave me a sense of 'been there, done that', along with the disturbing implication that Lois and Clark are inevitable,which to me is another word for lazy and unimaginitive, I'm wondering why there seems to be such an aversion to taking chances with Superman. In a previous Ask Matt, one fan brought up the possibility of another book in the Superman line, in which you questioned him starring in it, and I'd like to know why Bruce Wayne can have four books of his own but it's too much for Superman to even have three. And I can already see the whole sales argument coming, as valid as it might be, so what about a miniseries for Superman fans who aren't fans of the traditional trappings of the character, in my case the Lois and Clark nonsense.

Matt: Hey, Will! Despite what you took away from that interview, Clark and Lois are NOT inevitable, and in fact it isn't going to happen, at least while I'm on watch duty. There will be romance of varying degrees in both characters' lives in the months to come, but not with each other, so you don't have to sweat that.
As far as launching another Supes title, we first want to get things stabilized for the long-term with SUPERMAN, since we had to change things up just six issues in. I think by the November issue of the book, we'll have a sense of if what we're doing is working, if not before, and then we can look at expanding things further. I've got a trio of ideas for expanding the line, but they need to be done at the right time so they have the best chance of long term success.
That sounds an awful lot like what Joe Quesada contemptuously told the world about Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Idelson also once said happily at the SDCC that Supes doesn't have a "trophy wife".

And since that time, as seen this week, it's pretty apparent why they did away with the Superman/Lois Lane marriage, all for the sake of an easy romance with Wonder Woman, who by now would be better off getting a new and different boyfriend, and even a third-tier superhero like Booster Gold might make for a much more interesting affair.

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What a jerk. He DOES sound a lot like Quesada and showcases contempt toward people like me who wanted Clark and Lois to remain married. The interviewer doesn't do himself any favors, either, though by claiming that a Clark-Lois romance is "same old, same old." And I'm glad that both Giffen and Jurgens are enthusiastic about the potential of hooking Clark and Lois up again, even if Idelson isn't.

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