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Tuesday, January 09, 2018 

Marvel's still pushing their social agenda into films, and DC's doing the same in video games

The Fort Smith Times Record wrote a sugar-coated column about as many as a dozen movie projects based on comics this year, including animated ones, and the list even features an example of Marvel's obsessive push for "diversity" at all costs:
10. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Dec. 14): This 3D animated movie stars a Spider-Man who is younger (and darker) than Peter Parker. He’s Miles Morales, who in the comics originated in a parallel universe. In the comics, both Spider-Men are on the young side, but in this movie Parker is a middle-aged mentor for Morales.

That may not be the most confusing part. The movie is named “Into the Spider-Verse,” the name of a 2012 story in which a plethora of spider-people were introduced to the mighty Marvel Universe. It remains to be seen if the movie follows that plotline, but if it does, expect an army of wall-crawlers battling for their lives against an unstoppable, interdimensional killer named Morlun.
What, J. Michael Straczynski's tedious villain creation, who only seemed to exist to get Spidey from point A to point B of an inconsistency with his origin? (Aunt May claimed, after she'd discovered he was Spidey a second time in 2001, that she and Uncle Ben had an argument and he went out for a walk, and got shot dead in another part of the neighborhood rather than in their house.) I just don't get what's so great about the concoctions of such an overrated writer. And why does this have be more about Brian Bendis' PC creation than about Peter Parker?

And that's not all. Just a few weeks ago, ComicBook revealed the sequel to the Injustice video game will make even clearer use of the SJW-pandering Atom, Ryan Choi, than even the Justice League movie did:
The latest video for the subatomic manipulator, The Atom, shows more of his personality that DC fans have come to favor, while also showing off those sweet, sweet fighting moves. "Armed with his quantum bio-belt and a prodigal knowledge of physics, players can utilize all of scientist Ryan Choi’s subatomic powers to deliver justice against Superman’s regime."
Oh, and they still keep up the nasty premise the Man of Steel's turned into an evil being, I see. This is even worse than the League movie's already terrible mistakes. I don't see how this emphasizes heroism any more than it respects the Silver Age superhero who's been kicked to the curb for the sake of this insult to the cerebral cortex. In fact, the Atom's not the only one who's been replaced in the costume for the sake of diversity: even the Latino Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, and black Firestorm, Jason Rusch, have been adapted as the cast of computer clashers in the sequel to the forcibly dark fighting game produced a number of years ago. With that level of political correctness flooding the video game, something is definitely wrong.

In fact, if you want an example of diversity-pandering in reverse, Marvel's even conceiving a black variation on Valkyrie from Thor's world (and who appeared in the Defenders during the Bronze Age), based on the role of the actress Tessa Thompson from the Thor movies. Though this appears to be a character with a similar name coming from an alternate dimension in a new Exiles series, it still reeks of SJW pandering:
The fifth member of the group, which is made up of alternate universe takes of familiar Marvel characters, will be a new incarnation of Valkyrie that closely resembles Tessa Thompson’s version of the character from last year’s Thor: Ragnarok.

“Like everyone else who has seen Taika Waititi’s brilliant Thor: Ragnarok movie, all of us on Team Exiles are big fans of Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie,” series editor Wil Moss said in a statement from the publisher. “So when we realized that we had the perfect series — where the roster is made up of alternate reality versions of Marvel heroes — to introduce a comic book equivalent of that version of Valkyrie, we jumped at the chance!“ [...]

Curiously, Moss’ statement was accompanied by one from series writer Saladin Ahmed in which he clarifies that the new comic book Valkyrie is “not technically from the Marvel Cinematic Universe reality,” but is nonetheless, “basically the liberalization of the larger-than-her-physical-frame swagger that Tessa Thompson displayed in Thor: Ragnarok, turned up to 11.” File that clarification under potential rights issues, perhaps.

The new incarnation of the character, defined by Ahmed as “the Lone defender of Asgard,” will be canonically gay — he describes her as “maiden-wooing,” wonderfully — and features character design from series artist Javier Rodriguez that combines elements of original comic artist John Buscema’s visuals with the Thor: Ragnarok design.
More of the LGBT pandering too, I see, and an ultra-leftist writer's part of the "festivities" as well. Sure, this may be an alternate dimension variation, but it's still a form of pandering nevertheless, and at the same time, I think there's a valid critique to level at the Marvel movies for their own SJW-pandering, because it was never necessary, and if that's how they must do it, then it only demonstrates their lack of confidence in selling the product. Even some of Disney's recent live-action remakes of past cartoons have some of this bizarre catering going on, as though it were an emergency and the films would never make squat at the box office without them. Maybe the movies can't be faulted for influencing these absurdities back in the comics, but some day, I've got a hunch they won't age well, and people will begin to view them as products of a desperate mindset lacking confidence in its ability to sell to an otherwise non-existent audience.

If anything, it makes clear a lot of money's being wasted trying to cater to the social justice audience that didn't buy the comics, and probably won't watch the movies or play the video games either. The disrespect for Silver Age heroes (and even Golden Agers) couldn't be more obvious. If they throw the white protagonists out with bath water - in licensed merchandise as much as the comics themselves - it just shows how little faith they have in their own ability to sell, and how filled they are with cowardice. So much, that the Justice League movie certainly didn't sell as a result.

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