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Friday, August 17, 2018 

Jon Malin interviewed on his newest projects

Bounding Into Comics has interviewed artist Jon Malin about his current work on a book called Graveyard Shift, which was first developed several years ago. On the second page of this interview, he tells that, despite even a certain editor's own unwise attack on Comicsgate, the campaign's been a success in its own way:
BIC: What do you make of ComicsGate’s success over the past year? Do you think it will continue to grow?

Jon: It’s astounding! In about 6 months this community raised over a million dollars with just a few titles, good and decent writers/artists in any Indy publisher would kill for what we did while they go broke by passively allowing political zealots to further erode the audience which effects EVERYONE in that publisher/system, when leaders lack backbone in regards to protecting the financial interests of ALL creators and their own company it sets up an environment where no one wants to rock any boats for fear of backlash not just from the publisher but those they view as peers, so the lunatics run the asylum.

That is the current comics industry and by exposing this we had and continue to have no mainstream comic press coverage, we we’re completely blacked out when we did JAWBREAKERS, CBR forbid even talking about us on their message boards, The VP/EIC of Aspen Comics, Vince Hernadez called us “EXTREMISTS” and we had no room full of over paid marketing execs to help get past these burdens or any other benefits of corporate comics that places like BLEEDINGCOOL and CBR kowtow to. We had social media and we leveraged the shit out of it– and won.

As long as SJW representatives of the comics industry as we know it keep telling their customers to essentially get bent, use political intimidation and identity politics to tell everyone where their place is or when they can sit, stand and speak… with no repercussions from the top down we will grow, through the power of YouTube we will expand the comics audience to people who never walked into a comic shop or bought a comic in their life while the castrated comics industry allows a growing handful of political zealots in positions of power to whittle away all customers from within.
The part about Aspen's own deputy/EIC lashing out is pretty dismaying, considering their products are exactly the kind of thing coming under attacks from the SJW leftists, and it makes little difference whether he's trying to remain on the "good side" of the left-wingers in the medium, it still hampers their reputation. He should've kept quiet.
BIC: The success has come when the industry at-large is contracting. A report indicated the entire industry shrunk by 6% last year. Do you think they might adapt to tap into the ComicsGate market?

Jon: I think the comics industry still doesn’t understand why they’re failing when they try to bring in people like Zoe Quinn, political dividers to try and continue to bring in an SJW audience of low artistic standards and lower tolerance for wrong think and micro aggressions. They’ll double and triple down on identity politics until they crash and burn completely.

My hope is that the writers/artists leave these companies, take some inspiration from us and help us all rebuild the audience through You Tube channels (Or whatever future social media exists as we grow) and crowd funding, I’d love to reach a point where I, as a customer could pay say $25 on a single campaign and get 5 GRAPHIC NOVELS by industry superstars grouped together pledging their absolute best works because we’ve solidified an audience of 20,000 backers or better. JAWBREAKERS, a comic by relative unknowns will have brought in 10,000 backers so imagine what happens when the energy of top talent leave en masse on a scale SIGNIFICANTLY larger than the Image Comics exodus of the 90’s. I believe without significant change that is coming really fast.
Besides that, I hope that someday, somebody will come along and buy out the corporate-owned superhero universes for a simpler business model of storytelling without producing them as a means to build a groundswell for merchandise and movie adaptations. It is possible, and on that, I'd be a lot happier if more besides myself would advocate the idea. That's how to lead to a situation one day where you could make improvements and reverse the harm to the fictional universes. It's entirely possible, so I'll be happy if more could advocate what I have. That's how to make things better.

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