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Wednesday, September 05, 2018 

It may not turn out that way, but what if it did?

Considering how offensive the origin for Green Lantern's Simon Baz was to start with 6 years ago, it would probably be just as well if he wound up considered a traitor in Green Lantern #54, where this is suggested could happen, but knowing what a kowtower Dan Jurgens is, I'm sure the chances are very slim:
It’s not looking good for Simon Baz.

In recent issues of Green Lanterns, Simons been acting oddly, leading his fellow Corps members to question whether he’s still worthy of wielding a ring. Not only do Simon’s fellow ring-slingers think he’s betrayed them, Hal Jordan is convinced he might be working for the Ravagers, one of the Corps’ deadliest enemies.

OF course, the solicitation text for Green Lanterns #54 (reprinted below) gives away the issue’s twist, revealing who it its that has Simon acting so out of character, but the damage has already been done. As we see in CBR’s exclusive preview, Hal is completely convinced Simon has broken bad, no matter how strongly Jessica Cruz stands up for her partner…
No kidding! Even though their appearance in Justice League a few months ago made Baz sound quite revolting and disturbing? Anyway, it's becoming pretty irritating at this point if they're regurgitating the whole "misunderstood" cliche, and if this story were a way to write Baz out of the picture after the way they've hammered him over the readers' heads simply because he's a Muslim, it'd be for the best, considering how offensive Geoff Johns' origin story 6 years ago was to start with. But alas, seeing how obsessed these incompetent lefties are with foisting a badly developed idea on the audience no matter how poor and biased the writing happens to be, that's why it's entirely possible all will be cleared up and Hal will decide Baz is fully worthy of remaining in the GL Corps, no matter how contrived the story becomes.

Even in the previous issue, it appears the annoying notion of making Baz look like a misunderstood victim is being put in motion:
...When we last left off, Simon Baz had seemingly gone A.W.O.L. from the Corps when his ring commanded him to ignore John Stewart’s orders in the battle against the Ravagers and head to Earth instead. The cover makes a dramatic statement about him being found “guilty” of something, but nothing like that happens – he’s on the run for most of the issue and plays only a small role. [...]
And chances are that, once again, he'll be considered innocent simply for the sake of making him out to be a cliched misunderstood miscreant once again. So of course, that'll amount to yet another galling moment in DC's own social justice/political propaganda machine. Especially if the story culminates in a war tribunal, which'll have the effect of making it look like an attack on America's justice system and the war against Islamic terrorism.

Since we're on the topic, Jurgens even said (also via CBR) that he thinks Guy Gardner should have a new solo book again:
Guy Gardner ought to have his own solo comic again, says veteran writer/artist Dan Jurgens, who is currently in the middle of an arc on Green Lanterns that will set a new status quo for several characters and clear a path for Grant Morrison's upcoming run as the steward of the emerald knights.
Oh, that's all we need, to have lefty Morrison back in the saddle at DC on a project again. No thanks. Besides, wasn't he the one who introduced the Muslim character Dust to the X-Men in the early 2000s, an early example of Islamic propaganda in 21st century comics?
"I can’t understand why Guy Gardner doesn’t have a series," Jurgens told ComicBook.com. "He should have some kind of a series, he’s a great, fun character. Kilowog is a great, fun character to play around with. There are certainly some other very intriguing possibilities that are out there in the world of the Green Lantern Corps."

There is, of course, a historical precedent for it. Before the Rebirth series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Guy was the first Lantern who had his own name in a comic book title -- which ran for a good chunk of the '90s.

After being drummed out of the Corps, Guy got his hands on the yellow ring and starred in his own title -- first called just Guy Gardner, and later Guy Gardner: Warrior. The latter incarnation would jettison the yellow ring and instead introduce a battery of alien powers to Guy, along with a new, tattooed look that would be abandoned when Geoff Johns brought him back to the Green Lantern Corps in the first Green Lantern: Rebirth miniseries.
Well there's a certain reason why it might be a little embarrassing at this point to launch a new GG series - the original from 1992-96 was first written by the recently convicted Gerard Jones for its first 8 issues, and several more issues later, it was mostly destroyed artistically by Emerald Twilight and Hal Jordan's transformation into the lethal Parallax, a storyline which Jurgens happened to have a part in developing into the Zero Hour crossover. Maybe that's why it IS understandable if Guy doesn't have a solo book at the moment. Oh, and while we're still on this topic, look what else is mentioned here:
The Green Lanterns arc's central antagonist, the Cyborg Superman Hank Henshaw, returns to being a Green Lantern foil in this story -- which marks the latest in a series of big stories in which Jurgens, who created Henshaw, has featured the character prominently. Henshaw first entered the public consciousness during "The Return of Superman," in which Jurgens introduced the "Cyborg Superman" identity and destroyed Green Lantern Hal Jordan's home of Coast City.
If there's any writer who wouldn't be suited to script a new Guy solo, it's Jurgens, if this is what he considers appropriate for selling comics. Shock value gimmicks, including deaths following a hero's return, do not a good story make.

Anyway, if Simon Baz were written out of the GL series, I'd see that as the best thing to do, considering how badly they drew out the whole victim angle, but being aware just how corrupt these writers really are, that's why it just can't be expected they'd actually do that, nor will they cut out the lefty propaganda they've been espousing for a long period of time already.

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