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Thursday, October 03, 2019 

Entertainment Weekly fawns over G. Willow Wilson's take on Wonder Woman, and J.J. Abrams' take on Spider-Man

Entertainment Weekly's written up some gushy recommendations for pretentious writers and the superhero stories they were given the keys to writing. Here, the items I'll highlight include the awful G. Willow Wilson's take on WW:
Monstress isn’t the only comic collection this month with war on the brain. Writer G. Willow Wilson’s move to DC this year to take on Wonder Woman was a fun surprise considering all the famous work she’d done for Marvel (including co-creating Kamala Khan), and she delivered with a fascinating story about Diana trying to make sense of modern warfare. In the literal sense, it involves Wonder Woman meeting an old enemy, the war god Ares, and trying to understand his attempt at redemption.

“What Cary Nord and I have done is ask, ‘What if your oldest enemy showed up and wanted to be your best friend? Can the God of War really change?’” Wilson told EW last year. “We’re playing with what is, on the face of it, a classic Wonder Woman story (Steve Trevor goes MIA, Diana’s gotta find him, Ares shows up), but nobody’s quite in the position we’re expecting, and nobody really takes the side we expect. The outcome will have massive reverberations for all those characters.”
As I'd noted before, it sounds like a metaphorical attack on western countries, and what's really laughable here is the notion Ares would literally want to be "good friends" with WW and company. It also sounds laced with a lot of moral equivalence, and no ability to distinguish between good and evil, which is surely the problem. And as for reverberations, I'm sure they'll be atrocious.
Wilson’s Wonder Woman run is going to wrap before the end of the year [...]
Let's hope so, because people like her are the worst whom DiDio could possibly hire, in all his effort to prove he's as far to the left as Marvel's staff.

The next item is J.J. Abrams' plainly titled Spidey miniseries, 2nd issue:
The first issue of J.J. Abrams’ Spider-Man comic, written with his son Henry, pulled no punches when it killed off Mary Jane in its opening pages. In classic Abrams style, the comic was filled with secret plot machinations, climaxing in young Ben Parker’s discovery of his father’s Spider-Man costume in Aunt May’s basement. It’s worth checking out the second issue to see how much will learn about the series’ mysteries — such as the identity of the mysterious villain who killed Mary Jane, Cadaverous.

“You’re not meant to know much in the beginning,” J.J. recently teased to EW. “Where we go ultimately takes Cadaverous to places you would never expect when you first meet him.”
I don't see why we should care much to begin with. As I'd said before, I find this distasteful and cheap, relying on way overused and obvious setups. These kind of tropes aren't just revolting, they should be put to bed already. But, it's just like EW to view these items through rose-colored lenses, and they've only proven why they're such a waste of time, not worth the cover price.

EW's long past their prime, if they ever had one, and aren't fit to comment on comicdom.

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These are "hot" writers, if you expect magazines and websites to tell the truth they wouldn't stay in business very long.

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