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Tuesday, April 11, 2023 

Samuel L. Jackson prefers reading DC comics despite his role as Nick Fury in Marvel movies

Fandom Wire has an item that might not be too surprising when you think about it, where actor Samuel L. Jackson reveals he's not a reader of Marvel comics, even as he's taken up the role of Nick Fury in a number of them, and preferred to read DC instead:
As Jackson prepares for Secret Invasion the actor shared some anecdotes and shocking news on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast. On the podcast Jackson spared no one, he bluntly stated how much he loves DC Comics and has never read a Marvel Comic. He says,

“And truth be told, I don’t even read Marvel comic books… I kinda look at ’em, and when I discovered myself as Nick Fury, I just happened to see myself and [say], ‘What am I doing on this cover?’ And that was it, I put the book back…But I’ve read DC comics my whole life. I mean, we all [grew up with] Superman, Batman, Aquaman.”

DC characters, story arcs, and world-building are top notch and no one can debate about that. It is the dark, gruesome, violent, and fun kind whereas Marvel Comics is a little more sanitized and sort of takes the fun out.

When the actor was asked if his fondness for DC Comics would ever make him want to do a DC film, he again have an honest answer. Jackson currently pointed out how DC is all over the place cinematically.

“Well, I mean, we’re all– actors are mercenaries. It’s kinda what we do, we act who we act for but… But I don’t know that I’m going to read a DC script that’s gonna make me go, ‘Yeah, this is dope!’ “I’m a comic book fan, so I’ve been reading comic books forever.”

The Pulp Fiction [star] is not wrong in his critique of the DCU as a franchise, it has not been able to beat Marvel in that aspect. Despite having movies that have broken Box-Office records and received critical acclaim DC as a movie-making franchise is not tied together.
Well whatever success the Marvel movie franchise had in the past decade has begun receding now, and the Capt. Marvel movie, where he made an appearance with CGI technology employed to make him look younger, was not well received by fandom. That includes the part where it was made to look like Nick Fury got his eye patch via injury by an alien cat. So what's this showbiz site getting at?

And lest we forget, it's chilling to notice Fandom Wire's taken the position that gruesome violence is fun, as though artistic merit doesn't apply. Jarringly violent content, in fact, is what brought down the DCU in print years before during the 1990s, when only so many staffers thought being "edgy" was going to send sales skyrocketing. Even Marvel's guilty of this serious mistake, and some of the comics they turned out post-2000 were definitely tasteless. Even before that, the scene in Spider-Man's Clone Saga, where Peter Parker accidentally injured Mary Jane Watson while assaulting Ben Reilly in a moment of ludicrous frustration was very offensive, particularly when Peter's seen fleeing the lab they were in rather than doing what he could to mend the damage.

And, when Jackson speaks of seeing himself in S.H.I.E.L.D's top agent, he must be referring to the Ultimate universe, where Nick Fury was reinvented as a guy of black descent. But, as Jackson said, he'd never read the Marvel line, and to be sure, not even the WW2 series where Nick originally debuted, Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos, which Stan Lee launched in 1963, and new stories were in publication at least until 1974 before it went reprint only to 1981. It was 2 years after its launch that Lee and company decided to bring Nick into the present as well, now established as a leading field agent for SHIELD, and I own a paperback reprinting much of the Strange Tales stories illustrated by Jim Steranko. When a Hollywood actor says he wasn't into the original comics, it's no surprise he wouldn't know anything about how Lee's famous creations originally began, and couldn't appreciate the stories that really matter.

Anyway, who cares if the DC movies aren't connected? What matters is that the past decade's offerings are tremendously overrated, relying far too much on darkness and too little sense of humor or comedy. In other words, a precursor to the modern PC situation where comedy's considered a bad thing. The Marvel movies are decidedly overrated too. So it really doesn't matter if Jackson never takes a role in a DC movie, because they're bound to continue with PC directions, as the Marvel movies are now, and besides, there's been quite a bit of "superhero fatigue" lately, as even James Gunn has admitted. So whether Jackson takes a DC movie role is long a moot point. And currently, he's going to appear in a Secret Invasion movie? If memory serves, that was another crossover event story published at the time Quesada/Alonso were in charge of Marvel's comics, so anything based on what they oversaw is reason enough to avoid attending a movie based on the same.

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