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Friday, February 02, 2024 

This is why the following video game based on Suicide Squad is despised

Forbes reports that a video game based on Suicide Squad is getting panned, and it looks like it's because the goal and premise are all about how to "Kill the Justice League":
There’s been a lot of drama and issues surrounding the Early Access release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but a single cutscene from the game has sparked backlash from Batman fans who are upset with the depiction of the Dark Knight.

Warning — Spoilers Ahead

As one would expect from a video game titled “Kill the Justice League,” Suicide Squad sees players face off against DCs’s most iconic heroes, who are being mind-controlled by the supervillain Braniac.

The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman all meet their end at the hands of the Suicide Squad, but the unceremonious death of Batman proved highly controversial.

What Happens To Batman In ‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’?

After defeating two members of the Justice League, the Suicide Squad successfully capture the mind-controlled Batman. Harley Quinn and Batman exchange words, with Harley giving Batman a piece of her mind; amusingly, she even accuses him of “causing long-term mental and emotional damage to everyone you knew.”

It should be noted that in this story, Harley Quinn hasn’t dumped the abusive Joker as she often does in other versions— her Joker is dead, and she has been seeking revenge on Batman for some time.

Batman asks Harley if she’s done with her "bad stand up routine," and Harley replies that you always have to “end on your best joke" before shooting Batman in the head, at point-blank range.

That’s it — that’s the death of Batman
. Specifically, the Batman featured in the Arkham game series, which was largely beloved by gamers. The scene seems to be deliberately anti-climatic and subversive, with Harley gloating, “bet you didn't think it'd be me at the end, huh Bats?”
Even if Batman wasn't denigrated as badly as this game goes out of its way to do, the abuse of Flash, Superman and GL is still monumentally offensive enough already. Which is why, while offense taken at the murder of Batman is justified, it's decidedly annoying if any DC fans turned off by the abuse of Batman weren't as outraged at what happens to the Man of Steel, Crimson Comet and Emerald Warrior. I don't know at this point just what donners of the Flash and GL costumes were victimized by the video game's developers, but this is inexcusable, regardless of whether, say, Barry Allen or Wally West was the victim in the game. Why, even if Kyle Rayner were the character wielding the GL ring here, it still wouldn't be acceptable, no matter how bad Emerald Twilight and Zero Hour were 3 decades ago.

From the citation of the Arkham games, it sounds more like the people taking offense at this Suicide Squad sickness are video gamers than they are comic readers. Honestly, that's regrettable, because a game premise like this is just as insulting to the original Bob Kane/Bill Finger comics from the Golden Age. They went out of their way to create the Masked Manhunter for this? Regrettably, the "caretakers" who came years after their passing couldn't give a damn what they might think of a video game that denigrates their creations, or anybody else's from decades past. And why must a mere comic like what John Ostrander developed in 1987-92 (drawing its title from a late 60s war story), be such a big deal that it go on to serve as the basis of multimedia? The way modern Time Warner's gone to such lengths to ransack the whole DC stable for the sake of extended medium adaptations is insulting to the intellect, mainly because they don't encourage audiences to try out the original comics and be more interested in literature. Besides, it's clear video games in the long run became a very bad influence.

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